Meet our CoFo Coach of the Month!

March 16, 2015
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Kathleen Doll
College Completion Coach – Austin
Hometown: Aurora, CO

Fun Fact: As a wee tot, Kathleen created a rubber band chain that spanned several blocks! 

Kathleen’s Impact: Kathleen exceeds the expectations set forth for Completion Coaches and strengthens our team and our program everyday with her big brain and big heart. She is smart, curious, and a whole lotta fun – a role model for her team members and students alike. Kathleen has taken leadership roles in both of her AmeriCorps workgroups, and brought in important information on community colleges, student mental health issues, and student outcomes analysis. We are proud and grateful to have her on the team–thanks, Kathleen!

“I firmly believe that quality education is the gateway for enduring change. Thus, College Forward’s dedication to generating equal access to education resonates deeply with me. Daily, I realize that College Forward embodies the right blend of people, passion, resources, and panache to truly impact the educational climate.

During my term of service, I have been astonished by College Forward’s relentless commitment to improving the program’s functionality and impact through critical assessment. Ultimately these efforts aim to enrich the lives of our students, our community, and our world.”

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Kathleen (left), pictured with fellow coaches and students at the University of Houston.