Call for Submissions: Students of Color at PWIs

June 5, 2020
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As a College Success Program Coordinator serving at College Forward, I try to embody the sentiment behind our ‘student’s first’ mentality by getting a holistic view of a student’s college experience. I understand that a variety of factors determine the academic success of our students, one of which is their psychological and emotional wellness while they’re interacting with others on their university or college campus.

Real Talk: Being a POC at a PWI

Recently, my fellow College Success Program Coordinator, Brandon Paz and I decided to create a blog series detailing the complex situations students of color might experience on campus’ where the majority of attending students are white. We are looking to launch Real Talk: Being POC at a PWI later this summer.

As recent college graduateswho identify as minorities and also chose to attend predominantly white institutionsBrandon and I feel this series will not only educate those in higher education spaces as to what DEI work they could do to validate further and uplift their students but also to inform recent high school graduates considering attending these institutions of what experiences, supportive or otherwise, might await them.

Goals of the Blog Series

  • Elevate and validate different students of color voices in the higher education experience.
  • Create meaningful spaces students of color to share their perspective of PWI’s.
  • Serve as an additional resource to inform prospective college students, or even students who attend the same college.
  • Start conversations for institutions to explore prevalent issues on their campus.
  • Educate institutions that still have work to do while celebrating institutions that are doing well.


We are looking to work with students who are:

  • Currently a College Forward student who identifies as a person of color (POC)
  • Attending a predominately white institution (PWI)
  • Willing to freely express their views and share their unique experiences in an interview  (we can include your story anonymously, if requested)

If you’d like to participate in the blog series, we’d love to hear from you! Simply fill out our interest form and we will be in touch with next steps.