Choose Your Major Digital Event Series

July 8, 2020
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Our ‘Choose Your Major’ webinar series is all about exploring the classes, challenges, and overall experiences of our Summer Bridge Members in their respective majors. Each Summer Bridge Member is studying a different major at a different university, so the digital panels will provide a holistic review. Feel free to register for any zoom call that explores a major that you’re interested in. 

July 14th: Education

Time: 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Join Summer Bridge Members, Adriana, Ashley, Bryan, and Liliana as they talk about their majors! They’ll be covering various courses within education and ways to get your teaching certificate.

Presenters + Majors + Universities:

  • Adriana Reynoso, Education, St. Edwards
  • Ashley Garcia, Multidisciplinary Studies, UT-Permian Basin
  • Liliana Flores, Behavioral Science, University of Houston
  • Bryan Nya, Education EC-6, Huston -Tillotson
You can register here.

July 15: Business

Time: 1 pm to 2pm

Team Business will be discussing how being a business major can be applied to more than just the traditional suit and tie profession. From discussing how being a business major relates to being in the military, to the importance of foundational courses, and how skills learned can be applied to create something impactful even while in school, the business team will discuss these skills and more.

Presenters + Majors + Universities:

  • Adrian Chavez, Business Management, UTSA
  • Barakat Agboola, Marketing and Business Analytics, UTSA
  • Suetondy Reh, Finance, Texas State
You can register here.

July 16: Physical Education

Time: 11 am to 12 pm

A general introduction to Physical Education for incoming freshman and exploring undergrads! Two unique perspectives; varying from an “on the field/court” experience and its translation into a career in educating specialized & inclusive groups of individuals, as well as an administrative path that is multifaceted in its approach to directly/ indirectly work with youth and their academic & athletic success.

Presenters + Majors + Universities:

  • Camryn Harrison, Health and Physical Education, Bethel College
  • Isaac Ramirez, Interdisciplinary Studies, Texas State
You can register here.

July 17: Social Justice

Time: 1 pm to 2pm

This presentation will cover two majors dealing with social justice. We will discuss what classes you can expect, some helpful tips, personal experiences, as well as how both majors can be used in law school despite someone not typically thinking of these two majors when thinking of going to law school after undergrad.

Presenters + Majors + Universities:

  • Anakaren Rivera Salazar, Political Science, Concordia University
  • Lilith Osburn-Cole, Anthropology, and Minor in English, Texas State
You can register here.

July 20: Medical Field

Time: 12 pm to 1 pm

Please join us to learn more about the medical field!  This session will consist of an overview of the medical field, possible career paths, exciting opportunities, and programs available to you. You will hear about various degrees that can lead to the medical field from students firsthand.

Presenters + Majors + Universities:

  • Aaska Basnet, Neuroscience, UT-Austin
  • Claudia Gloria, Biology and Criminal Justice, ACC
  • Raven Johnson, Forensic Investigative Science, Texas A&M
You can register here.

July 21: Mental Health

Time: 1 pm to 2pm

In our presentation, we will be discussing the positive effect careers in social work and psychology have on individuals and society as a whole – and how this connects to improving mental health and the well-being of individuals. We will go into further detail into our personal career choices, why we chose to pursue these careers, and the impact we hope to make.

Presenters + Majors + Universities:

  • Alexis Carr, Psychology and African American Studies, UT-Austin
  • Yureimy Arias, Social Work, UT-Austin
You can view the video here. 

July 22: Music

Time: 1 pm to 2pm

Come join us for an in-depth look at what it’s like to study music in college as a First Generation, Low-Income student. We will also be debunking preconceived notions about what a music degree entails.

Presenters + Majors + Universities:

  • Amunique Swan, Business Administration + Minor in Music, George Washington University
  • David Garcia Suarez, Vocal Performance, Northwestern University
You can register here.