Top 7 Sessions You Need To Attend This Year at Dreamforce 2019

November 15, 2019
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Oh, the things you’ll learn at Dreamforce 2019!

Every year, trailblazers from around the country attend the Dreamforce 2019 conference to share their knowledge with others and embark on journeys of discovery and innovation. During these inspirational four days, individuals from a variety of different industries have the opportunity to attend sessions, explore workshops and gain new insights from a multitude of experts. 

We want you to get the best out of your Dreamforce 2019 experience! So, here are the top 7 sessions you won’t want to miss this year!


Tuesday, November 19 

Building a Center of Excellence in Education — Tuesday, 11/19: 9:00-9:40 a.m. 

A Center of Excellence (CoE) is a team or entity that manages risk, provides leadership, evangelizes and supports innovation for a focus area. During this discussion, we will share experiences on your organizations’ approach to change and leadership of Salesforce. If your org does not currently have a CoE, we can discuss ideas of how you can begin to put the building blocks of your CoE in place. 


“I’m looking forward to discovering new tools College Forward and our partners can use to advance our analytical ambitions. While we often think about these topics as technical issues, I am also interested in the business practices that enable technological success. I plan to attend as many activities on data science and AI as possible.”

— Nathan Porteshawver, Product Manager, CoPilot


It’s Time to Transition to Lightning Experience — Now What Do I Do? — Tuesday, 11/19: 2:00-2:20 pm    

Lightning is here, but where do you start? Let’s talk about your transition plan, the tools that are available to help you, how to formulate yours? Roll Out Plan? and some Tips & Tricks you can follow to make your transition smooth while providing a fresh, new, more productive user interface for your users. I’ll share our transition experience from NTT DATA Services, what we learned, what worked well and provide key takeaways that can help you move forward with your transition. We’ll also take a few minutes to share what our Lightning user interface looks like and how we are taking advantage of some great Lightning features and best practices to help boost our users’ experience and productivity. When it’s all said and done, you will have even more reasons to Transition to Lightning Now!


“This session will provide tangible tools to help support our partners transitioning from Classic to Lightning. As an end-user of both interfaces, I am excited to see the transition as an Admin!”

— Ben Zwang, Partner Experience Manager, CoPilot



The Connected K-12 District: Improving Family Engagement & Student Success — Tuesday, 11/19: 3:00-3:20 p.m. 

How can schools and districts gain a 360-degree view of families, students, and community partners? Join Denver Public Schools to learn how different teams across the district are leveraging Education Cloud to improve parent communication and ultimately prepare students for college and career success. Collaborating with expert partner Elevation Solutions, DPS improved communication, recruitment, and participation in work-based learning programs that now impact thousands of students. Learn how Salesforce equips central teams with easy access to data and tools to better serve all constituents and gain visibility into long-term program impact. 


“I’m excited to attend this session featuring Denver Public Schools and their work. I’m interested to see how others are building solutions in the K-12 space and how we can expand CoPilot’s impact with our partners.”

— Charlie Hermann, Managing Director of CoPilot 


AppExchange Demo Jam: Nonprofit & Education Session 2 — Tuesday, 11/19: 4:00-4:40 pm

You’re invited to an epic, action-packed Demo Jam where five apps will each have only three minutes to showcase the best of their nonprofit or education apps with a real-time demo. The winner is chosen by you, the audience. Join us for this fast-paced, highly-anticipated match where Salesforce partners face off.


“I am excited to see how other non-profits in the education space are using Salesforce to support student access.”

— Vagisha Barot, Partner Experience Manager, CoPilot



Wednesday, November 20 

Getting Through To Gen Z — Wednesday, 11/20: 12:30-1:30 p.m. 

Breaking through and engaging Millennials and Gen Z requires an innovative approach. Join the Salesforce.org Innovation Team in using design thinking tools to brainstorm new ways to address your biggest challenges in reaching this audience. This hands-on workshop will inspire you to bring a fresh perspective to the work you’re doing to connect with your next generation of constituents.


“I believe we can all learn something from everyone, but I am incredibly inspired by the conversations I have with and the determination I see from our Students and the rest of Gen Z. Understanding how we can support their passions and create opportunities that resonate with them is crucial to our success as college access and success organization, but also in creating positive social change overall.”

— C. Nikole Saulsberry, Associate Director, Marketing and Communications 


Innovation Workshop: Future of AI in Education — Wednesday, 11/20: 1:45-2:45 p.m.

Join us for an exciting session and take part in a hands-on design sprint where you will explore what is possible with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education. Together we will explore how various AI technologies, such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, augmented intelligence and more can play a role in solving challenges in higher education. As a group of individuals with diverse skills and areas of expertise, you’ll come together in small teams to take on solving these challenges–co-creating solutions using AI to drive large-scale change. 


“I’m looking forward to learning more about the future of machine learning and AI in our sector and how we can start to prepare CoPilot to move in that direction. I’m particularly interested in how we can ensure AI can be effective in such an individual/qualitative data focused area of work.”

— Geeta Shukla, Associate Director of CoPilot Services 



Thursday, November 21

Building Data-Driven Relationships to Improve Educational Outcomes in K-12 —  Thursday, 11/21: 8:30-8:50 a.m. 

How does K-12 engage a variety of stakeholders? And how can technology help do so at scale? Learn how the San Diego County Office of Education is streamlining systems and processes to serve over 500K students, 42 school districts, 900 schools, and 22K teachers. SDCOE’s CIO and innovation team will share their vision for the future (hint: it includes data interoperability, universal and portable transcripts, and more!); the pain points of replacing disparate systems; and how SDCOE is leveraging Salesforce to build a positive workplace culture to ultimately improve student outcomes.


“I’m excited to hear how others use student data as a tool for relationship-building and what we can do to better our student engagement and outcomes”

— Danielle Williams, Manager, CoPilot