Not A Forced Transition: Exciting Changes In Lightning

February 13, 2020
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In our first webinar of the year, our CoPilot team shared details about the Salesforce Lightning Experience Critical Update and what exciting new changes would follow.


What is the Lightning Experience?


Lightning Experience is an updated user interface designed to increase productivity and expand functionality. It offers an updated way to view data and work within the Salesforce platform. This update will affect how CoPilot engages with Salesforce, but not our data, security, or infrastructure. This transition will give you access to new features and extended functionality in Lightning. From now on, Salesforce will release all their new features in Lightning and CoPilot will follow their lead. In the CoPilot Lightning Experience, you can expect extended functionality such as customizable page layouts, report/dashboard builders, and improved user experience. Learn more about our Lightning Experience webinar series


How do I transition from Classic to Lightning?


If you are wondering where to start with your transition process, you should first check your organization’s readiness. It is important to know who your users are and how they are using your current system. After you have evaluated your organization’s transition readiness,  you can begin to develop a plan based on this information. You should ensure that your plan is manageable for your organization. The next step would be to start implementing new Lightning Experience features and allow time for your users to become familiar with them. After implementation, you should track user adoption and adjust accordingly.

Learn more about the Salesforce Lightning Experience Update by becoming a member of our CoPilot Community Group on the Salesforce Power of Us Hub. As a member of our group, you will have access to webinars, accompanying slide decks, and other useful resources.