CoFo Champions

As College Forward (CoFo) grows, we often receive requests from other organizations or news outlets who want to hear from us and especially want to hear from students in our program. A lot of the time the individual reaching out to interview a student is up against a deadline, so we need to respond quickly in order to take advantage of the opportunity. Some example articles featuring College Forward students include: “Colleges Discover the Rural Student” from the NYTimes, “Ahead of Its Time” from The Journal of College Admission, and you can find more examples on our website.

As a CoFo Champion, you will be one of the first students to hear from us about any interview opportunities that arise. CoFo Champions will also be the first group (but not the only group) contacted about internal opportunities to write blog posts, design social media posts, interview with CoFo staff or funders, or participate in surveys or focus groups specifically intended to improve College Forward. 

We’ll be communicating opportunities to CoFo Champions via email or text and all we ask is that you respond “yes” or “no” if you would like to participate. College Forward will equitably select students who respond “yes” with the goal of ensuring that a diverse group of student voices is heard. Students will be able to participate in multiple opportunities in any given semester, but you are not required to participate.

CoFo Champions are students who understand and are prepared to represent College Forward’s values:

  • Put Students First
  • Foster Empowerment
  • Be Persistent
  • Learn and Grow
  • Be Courageous and Take Risks
  • Celebrate Diversity, Design for Equity, and Foster Inclusivity

Becoming a CoFo Champion is a fantastic opportunity to share your postsecondary journey with the CoFo community and beyond. You’ll also get the opportunity to meet more College Forward staff members, to share your insight about how we can improve our program, and to gain experience that you can include on your resume or in job interviews!

College Forward will also provide modest incentives for the time you spend on a CoFo Champion project. Check out this table for more information!

If you are interested in becoming a CoFo Champion, please complete this brief CoFo Champions Agreement Form. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your Coach or contact Josh Newby directly at 

We’re so excited to work with you!