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Emergency fund written on a jar with money.

Every year College Forward sets aside money to for emergency scholarships available to students. We aim to support students through various scenarios, such as unmet needs in school and travel expenses. In times of natural disasters or public health disasters, we see a heightened request for emergency funds as these events deeply affect our students and their well-being. Recent examples of these disasters include Hurricane Harvey and its impact on Houston-area and coastal students, and the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Requests of this type are limited to $400 or less. At this time and in an effort to maintain equity in access to funds, we are unable to exceed this amount. All students are eligible to apply, regardless of enrollment or citizenship status. Due to limited funding, we cannot guarantee funding for every request.

Request Criteria

While we want to support every single student who submits a request, we do not have the financial capacity to do so. This means that we are limited in the number of emergency student fund requests we can approve. Due to these restrictions, these specific student emergency fund requests must be considered on a case-by-case basis. Reviewers will prioritize requests based on the following: 

  • Severe and imminent threats to the student’s immediate well-being, such as housing and food security.
  • Severe and imminent threats to the student’s health, such as circumstances that may affect an immunocompromised individual. 
  • If the student has utilized emergency funds in the current academic year.

How to Request Emergency Funds

The process to submit emergency student funds as a result of a natural disaster or public health disaster is as follows: 

How to Apply
Reach out to your Coach or send an email to programs@collegeforward.org. Be prepared to provide a paragraph or documentation (examples: bills, lease agreement, etc.) explaining your financial situation. 

What Happens Next?
A committee of College Forward staff members will meet multiple times to review requests. Your Coach will reach out with updates about your request.

Remember, College Forward is here to support you through uncertain times. Reach out to us or your Coach with any questions or even to touch base.

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