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Preparing the Workforce of Tomorrow

College Forward & IBM SkillsBuild for Students

College Forward has partnered with IBM SkillsBuild for Students in order to provide students with FREE access to all sorts of resources that will help you succeed in your college and career goals. SkillsBuild is an online learning platform similar to Coursera, Udemy, or Masterclass, but unlike these other platforms, SkillsBuild is completely FREE for CoFo students!

You can earn badges and learn about things such as job application essentials, professional skills, mindfulness, as well as tons of technology topics such as artificial intelligence, data science, or cyber security. BEST OF ALL College Forward has created our own learning plans with CoFo’s curriculum! Students can now prepare to succeed in college and beyond with College Forward in a brand new way.

Join us on SkillsBuild by reaching out to your coach so you can register with College Forward’s GroupSpace. Be sure to use College Forward’s registration link in order to access all of our great content! We’re excited to connect with you on SkillsBuild!

How to Create an Account with IBM SkillsBuild for Students

Creating a SkillsBuild account is quick and easy. Just be sure to use the registration link provided by College Forward or your CoFo coach!

If you are a high school graduate you may be able to join your coach’s virtual classroom! Contact your coach for the link to register with their team. 

First, click the registration link then you will have the option to log in to IBM SkillsBuild for Students with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, or with an IBM ID. We recommend selecting “Log in with IBM ID” because it will allow you to continue to use SkillsBuild beyond College Forward and will make it easier to download and add badges to your LinkedIn profile,  but it is okay to use any of the other methods. If you select to log in with an IBM ID, you will need to provide your name and email address in order to create your IBM ID.

Finally, you’ll click “Register” and you will be all set to log in with your IBM ID in the future. SkillsBuild uses two-factor authentication, so if you login with your IBM ID you will receive and email with a code that you will need to copy/paste in order to login.

During your time in college, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of the skills and information needed for your future professional career; you will also develop the persona, habits, and soft skills that you will take into your career. Purposefully developing and exploring your professional identity and behaviors during your time at college will allow you to take advantage of your courses and resources and set you up for success later on in your career as well. 

What is and isn’t considered professional has shifted over the past decades, and many contemporary inclusive ideals clash with outdated definitions of what constitutes being professional. Gone are the days when being professional meant wearing a suit and tie each day. However, there are professional behaviors that remain important and valuable to cultivate in ourselves. To be clear: “professionalism” should never ask you to change who you are; it should serve to highlight and showcase the very best parts of yourself to others. 

In this lesson, students will learn key aspects of building a professional image for college, internships, work, and beyond.

No matter what career field you’re interested in or currently pursuing, internships are a fantastic way to gain experience, learn new skills, and network!

Work through the following sections to learn more about the benefits of internships, how to apply, and how to successfully complete your internship.

Are you applying for a job or internship? Chances are you’ll be asked to submit a cover letter along with your resume. Not sure where to start? Well, CoFo’s got your back! We’ll help you knock out that cover letter step-by-step.


Work through the following sections for information and tips on writing an attention-grabbing cover letter.

Are you applying for a job or internship? Are you applying for transfer to another post-secondary institution? Are you applying for scholarships? Look no further!


Work through the following sections for information and tips on crafting a stellar resume.

Receiving an invitation for an interview can be intimidating whether the interview is for a job, internship, college admissions, or a scholarship. however, with the right preparation, you will be ready to knock your interview out of the park!

We have compiled some great resources to help you prepare for an interview. Check them out and contact your coach if you would like to practice interviewing before the big date!

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