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College and Career Support from Texas College Bridge, powered by College Forward, will guide you through the college application process and help you enroll in the college or degree program of your choice! We know that this journey can seem overwhelming, but we are here to help.

Here are some quick tips on navigating your college resources.

Take your time to review the resources in each unit.
Unit One and Unit Two explore the value of earning a college degree, how you can show colleges that you are ready for college-level work, and why that’s important.

These are great resources to revisit if you need a reminder of why you are embarking on your college journey.

Look out for the Next Steps.
At the end of each resource, we will give you a preview of what’s coming in the next one.

Keep your Guided Activities handy.
In Unit Three, you will complete activities to explore your personality type and interests. These activities will help you find your unique career and education path. We will refer back to these as we start exploring colleges, so make sure to save your work.

College Forward’s recommendations for Educators. 

The following units and their resources may be completed by students non sequentially based on their needs. 

However, Educators should work with students to complete each unit in order where possible.  

Each unit is self-guided so that students are able to review and complete the activities in each resource on their own. Educators should make themselves available to support students as needed while students complete each unit. 

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Unit One

Value of a Postsecondary Degree

Why Going to College Is Worth It

Earning a postsecondary degree is an investment in your future. Many students throughout the country are wondering if pursuing a postsecondary degree or going to college is still worth it. Explore these findings to learn more about the value of a postsecondary degree.

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Unit Two

Demonstrating College Readiness

Unit Three

Career Exploration

Texas Reality Check Guided Activity

We’ve all spent time daydreaming about our dream life, and that dream life might look different for many of us. In this resource, we’ll take a look at what it will cost and the salary you’ll need to have your dream lifestyle with the Texas Reality Check.

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Career Exploration Passport

Career Exploration Guided Activity

Are you interested in going to college, but unsure about your major? Do you know what career you would like to pursue, but don’t know what degree or certification you’ll need to receive first? Or maybe you know earning a degree is a valuable investment, but aren’t quite sure how a degree correlates to career opportunities? Our career exploration activity is a great place to start.

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Career Exploration Compass

Helpful Resources for Career Exploration

There are many things to consider when exploring possible career options, such as which career will fit your interests, personality, strengths, salary expectations, and more. Whether you are just now exploring your options, have a career field in mind, or you already know which career you would like to pursue, these career exploration resources will help guide you forward in learning how to identify and attain your dream career.

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Unit Four

Choosing Your School

Types of college

Types of Colleges

There are many more types of colleges than just the public four-year universities that are often portrayed in movies and TV shows. This resource will help you explore the different colleges and degree programs available to you.

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Unit Five

Introduction to Paying for College  and Financial Aid


Let’s dive deeper into an essential piece of the financial aid equation—the FAFSA. FAFSA 101 covers the who, what, when, where, and why of applying for federal aid.

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Students who do not qualify for Federal Aid, but are residents of Texas may be eligible for state aid through the TASFA, Texas Application for State Financial Aid.

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Unit Six

Your College Application

College Application Checklist

College Application Checklist

When applying to schools, it’s important to stay organized and keep track of your application to each school. Review these common application steps and materials in order to prepare your complete college application, and then download your college application checklist.

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Laptop with the words "no fee"

College Application Fee Waivers

There are several different types of fee waivers that come up throughout the college application process. This resource will help you understand the differences and the requirements for each type of fee waiver.

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College Application Essays

The College Application Essay

Throughout your time at school, you’ve probably written quite a few essays. Let’s look at a few tips and strategies to really help your college essay shine and highlight everything you can contribute to your future college community!

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Students student for exams

Intro to Entrance Exams

The SAT and ACT can be intimidating, but with study and preparation, they can also be a great opportunity to highlight your academic strengths. This resource will give you an introduction to college entrance exams, basic study tips, and how to register and to request accommodations.

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resume, resume tips

Nail Your Resume in 6 Steps

A resume is a one to two-page summary highlighting your education, work experiences, and other qualifications that make you ready for the college you are applying to or the job you would like to have. Follow these steps to create your resume.

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Unit Seven

Enrolling in College

Housing in College

Housing in College

Where you will live during your time in college is one of the many exciting decisions you will have to make as you transition into the next phase of your

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New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is more than a cursory introduction to a college or university. These are one to two-day sessions to give first-year students and transfer students an overview of

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Campus Resource Glossary

Students often forget that in addition to paying tuition costs, they are also paying for other services and resources that can be underutilized. Check out this general College Resource Glossary and see if your college offers similar resources!

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What to Expect Your First Semester

Are you curious about what you can expect during that first semester in college? No matter where, when, or how you start your postsecondary journey, that first semester is new for everyone. Here are pro-tips, warnings, and some fun facts about what college life looks like in your first semester!

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Unit Eight

Transitioning to College

Stress Management

Stress Management

We have all experienced stress at one point or another. Stress can come in many forms, from an unexpected expense to an exam that you’re not sure you’re ready to

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Professionalism in College

Professionalism in College

During your time in college, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of the skills and information needed for your future professional career; You will also develop the persona, habits, and

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