Texas Transfer Pathways

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There is no one path to earning a Bachelor’s Degree. Finances, degree plans, and class credits can impact a student’s progress towards earning their degree. Luckily, there are common transfer paths to choose from that may fit your preferences and postsecondary goals! 



Application Deadline

Coordinated Admissions Program (CAP) 

UT system schoolUT Austin

CAP students start at a UT system school, and, if they complete all requirements, will be granted admission to UT Austin (College of Liberal Arts).

Note: they may not be guaranteed admission into their program/major of choice. For example, business and engineering majors may have additional requirements the student must meet and may need to apply separately.



There is no application for this program. A student must accept or decline the offer by the deadline

Pathway Program 


Pathway students take a few classes at ACC and one class at Texas State, and upon successful completion of program requirements, they will become full-time Texas State students and will be able to transfer into most majors internally.


There is no application for this program. Students must accept or decline the offer by the deadline provided.


Students take a few classes at ACC and one class at UT Austin. Upon completing program requirements, they will become full-time UT students the next school year (and guaranteed admission into the College of Liberal Arts).


Students cannot apply to participate in PACE; instead, eligible students who apply for freshman admission are offered the opportunity to do so and must accept or decline by the deadline provided.


Blinn TEAM Program

Blinn College system Texas A&M

Students take classes at both Blinn College – Rellis Campus and Texas A&M – College Station. Upon successful completion of the requirements, they will become full-time A&M students.


Students cannot apply for Blinn TEAM; it is only offered through the Texas A&M freshman admissions process. Students can refer to the academic calendar for registration dates and deadlines.


Concordia Connect 

ACC Concordia

Participating students will complete an AAS degree at ACC and a BAAS degree taught by visiting Concordia professors. This allows students to pursue a four-year degree from a private institution and never have to leave their familiar ACC campuses.


Students can check application/registration deadlines on ACC’s website.


OWL Transfer Program  

Community Colleges WGU

Students who enter the OWL program will transfer to Western Governors University Texas. They must complete an associate degree within three years and maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA. By meeting these requirements, students will be guaranteed admission to WGU in select programs.


There is no need to fill out an online application for admission to WGU. To enroll in the program, complete the bottom of this form. When you are ready to graduate from your community college, a WGU co-advisor will assist you in the enrollment process.


TechTeach Across Texas Community College Texas Tech

Students will complete an Associate’s Degree from one of Texas Tech’s community college partners. They can complete their Bachelor’s Degree and teacher certification in two years at one of the participating regional campuses.


For information on how to apply and more details about the TechTeach program, email the Austin, Houston, or DFW pages’ points of contact.

TAMU-Chevron Engineering 

Community College Texas A&M College Station

Students will be co-enrolled at Texas A&M and will be able to take Texas A&M engineering courses at their community college. After 1-2 years, students transition to Texas A&M to complete their bachelor’s.


Applications for the 2021 fall class cohort will be accepted from December 2020 through June 2021. (Priority deadline: April 1, 2021)

PTA (Program for Transfer Admission) 

Community College TAMU College Station

Designed for students attending Texas community colleges and offers more than 65 degree plans. Upon completing the coursework outlined by the program’s degree plan and additional requirements, participants are eligible for automatic admission to Texas A&M.


Students can check the applications and requirements deadlines based on their major/college of interest.

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