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With you and every step of the way

From your junior year of high school through college

There’s always someone available for you, whether it’s on campus, or by phone, text, or email. Our College Success Program provides place-based services at Austin Community College and Texas State University, and our virtual coaching team supports our students no matter where they are. Our team empowers students to reach their ultimate academic goal—a post-secondary degree.

Whether in person or online, your coach always has your back. Students in our College Success Program receive:

A dedicated, recently-graduated College Forward Coach.

Personalized, on-demand support—on campus, or by phone, text, or social media.

On-campus mentorship from like-minded students.

Hundreds of hours of college coaching and support, at no cost to students or families.

Who Can Participate?

Our College Success Program is available to all participants that graduated from our Access Program and students attending one of our partner campuses or organizations.

CoFo coaches will help College Forward high school students transition into the College Success Program and will work with you until you complete the degree program of your choice!

College Success Resources

Key resources to help you succeed in the pursuit of your post-secondary degree.

Succeed in College

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Are you curious about what you can expect during that first semester in college? No matter where, when, or how you start your postsecondary journey, that first semester is new for everyone. Here are pro-tips, warnings, and some fun facts about what college life looks like in your first semester!

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Succeed in College

What’s Your Online Presence?

Did you know that your online presence, from social media to Google results and reviews, can be used by employers to making hiring decisions and by colleges for admissions choices? Here are some helpful steps to make sure you put your best foot forward online.

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