How to Use the CoPilot Release Notes

March 20, 2020
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How to Use the Release Notes

CoPilot release notes offer a high-level, comprehensive overview of enhancements and new features available in our latest release. We include the technical requirements for current partners to get setup as well as the processes they can follow to get started. We also offer tips and best practices to ensure their continued success.

  • We offer PDF and HTML versions of the release notes through our website.
  • These notes document current feature improvements, for a list of known issues visit the Salesforce Known Issues site or reach out to your CoPilot Partner Experience Manager (PEM).
  • Partners should use the Table of Contents to link to sections they wish to explore. No need to read this documentation front to back. Partners can discover what impacts their org the most and use the hyperlinks to capture the information they need to successfully implement the new feature within their org.
  • Partners can use this document to understand Salesforce Mandated Security Features and how prerequisites impact your orgs ability to successfully install the latest CoPilot Release. 
  • Partners can troubleshoot their installation process here before contacting their PEM
  • Partners should follow our recommended testing protocols included in this documentation in a partial copy sandbox to review and document internally. 
  • Partners can access support videos that have been hyperlinked in this document.
  • Current Partners can review updated fields, descriptions and help text in this document. New CoPilot partners will start with new Page Layouts for every object. Lightning record and home pages have been created for every object and every profile. Partners can use this documentation to encourage personalizations within individual instances.
  • Examine New Reports and Dashboards available as a jumping board for partners to track key performance indicators.
  • General training suggestions in this document can easily supplement the many ways organizations are already meeting their unique training needs. Partners can consider these recommendations as they plan to launch the release within their organization. 
  • Your feedback matters. We know how important CoPilot is to your company’s success. We want to know what works for you and what doesn’t as well as what you would like to see in the future.
  • If you would like to reach us directly, please do not hesitate to join our user group in the Power of Us Hub called “CoPilot Partners”or email us at CoPilotSupport@collegeforward.org.

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