A 360° View of Student Success

Access crucial academic and financial aid student information at a moment’s notice.

Student Record

360° View of Student Success

CoPilot can capture all aspects of your student’s journey: academic progress, attendance, scholarships and financial aid, college applications, enrollment metrics, degrees/certificates earned, social data, advising sessions and more.

Support student progress throughout the cradle-to-career pipeline.

CoPilot has workflows and automations to allow you and your team to spend more time with students and less time on data entry.

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Dynamic Reporting & Dashboards

As a student-focused organization, it is important for our team to be able to easily access all of our student’s information and use it to extrapolate insights about the effectiveness of our program. CoPilot Reports allow us to organize and categorize data to gain a better understanding of how our students are performing.

Prior to developing CoPilot Reports, much of our student’s information was managed using excel spreadsheets. This form of data tracking was insufficient on many levels including data quality and data security. These spreadsheets also lacked the capacity to report on an individual student or our program at large. With CoPilot Reports, our organization has a one-stop-shop to view each of our students’ various paths. Our coaches can now provide the right intervention at the right time with a secure and thoughtful data system.

Attendance Tracking

As part of our commitment to serving our students, we have developed a tool that allows us to keep track of their daily progress. The CoPilot Attendance Tracking Object serves multiple functions in an effort to increase flexibility and customization.

After working with our students and gaining a better understanding of their day-to-day commitments, we discovered the need to develop a tool that could do more than just track attendance. The CoPilot Attendance Tracking Object offers customizations to track deeper granularity such as tardiness and add fields for engagement metrics to track individual student performance. This powerful tool can find students who should be related to a class or event, assign them to the class or event and select their attendance status.

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Financial Aid

Keeping track of how students are paying for school is an important part of helping them succeed. With Financial Aid Tracking, CoPilot users gain a better understanding of all the financial burdens their students face.

When students receive their financial reward letters, users can create a record based on this information and categorize the various sources of monetary aid. This includes scholarships, federal grants, work-study, etc. CoPilot’s Financial Aid Tracking is a helpful tool to use at the beginning of every school year to manage student caseloads and ensure they can continue to attend the school of their choice. It has the ability to indicate to our staff members which of our students may need more financial assistance.

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