A 360° View of Student Success

Access crucial academic and financial aid student information at a moment’s notice

Student Record

360° View of Student Success

  • CoPilot can capture all aspects of your students’ journey, including: academic progress, attendance, scholarships and financial aid, college applications, enrollment metrics, degrees/certificates earned, social data, advising sessions, and more.
  • Support student progress throughout the cradle-to-career pipeline.
  • CoPilot has automations to allow you and your team to spend more time with students and less time on data entry.
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Dynamic Reporting & Dashboards

  • Access accurate information about your students to inform more targeted interventions.
  • Share successes with your team, board and funders.
  • Utilize indicators and analytics to ensure your team is making informed and timely interventions with the students who need it most.
  • CoPilot Reports allow users to efficiently organize and categorize data to gain a better understanding of how students are performing.
  • CoPilot Dashboards allow users to visually depict the data captured from reports. For example, all reports for high school seniors can be showcased on a single dashboard—resulting in the ability to view multiple data points at one time.

Attendance Tracking

As part of our commitment to serving our students, we have developed a tool that allows us to keep track of their daily progress. The CoPilot Attendance Tracking Object serves multiple functions in an effort to increase flexibility and customization.

  • The CoPilot Attendance Object offers customizations to track deeper granularity such as tardiness, or to add engagement metrics fields to track individual student performance.
  • This powerful tool can find students who should be related to a class or event, assign them to the class or event, and select their attendance status.
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Financial Aid Tracking

  • Ensure students complete the essential milestone—the FAFSA—by using this object to input both the FAFSA and state applications.
  • Use CoPilot to track when students apply for FAFSA or state financial aid, when it’s awarded and how much is offered.
  • If your state has an accessible database with FAFSA statuses, CoPilot can create an integration so your team has the most up-to-date information at their fingertips

College Applications

  • Track students’ college applications all the way from their prospective college list through when a student commits to a college.
  • Most students apply to several universities and each application record contains different data points that you may wish to track and aggregate.


  • Track a student’s scholarship application and award.

Academic Semester/Term

  • Track students’ enrollment and academic progress from semester to semester, using data from National Student Clearinghouse.

Test Scores

  • Track details on each of the college entry and entrance exams that a student has completed.
  • Tracking various details about multiple tests that relate to a single student can reduce clutter and allow more flexibility in reporting.

Award Packages

  • Track a student’s scholarship application and award.
  • When students receive their financial reward letters, users can create a record based on this information and categorize the various sources of monetary aid. This includes scholarships, federal grants, work study, etc.
  • CoPilot’s Financial Aid Award tool is a helpful way to manage student caseloads and ensure they can continue to attend the school of their choice.


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A technology accelerator and a game-changer for our student advising team!
"The College Forward team has been an excellent technology partner who helped us make this transition quickly, successfully and continues to provide the support we need."
Robert Foley
Wednesday, Jun 1, 2022
CoPilot is amazing!
"We are a student-serving college success nonprofit that wanted a flexible tool to track and support our students through college. We did extensive research on CRMs before deciding on CoPilot and we could not be happier with our decision!"
Jessica Rodriguez
Friday, Sep 14, 2018
Amazingly Dedicated Team!
"We've worked with the CoPilot team for years and have had nothing but great experiences. In addition to a rock-solid product, the CoPilot team has stopped at nothing to help CoPilot users achieve their definition of success. Thanks for all you do!"
Tuesday, Dec 15, 2020

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