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CoPilot Integrations allow you to connect the systems you are already using with CoPilot. Whether it’s an external student information system or a new product or solution, integrations save you from storing various types of student information in multiple places.

With integrations, CoPilot Partners have a single all-encompassing system to track and store different aspects of their students’ stories. Ultimately, it allows for the most efficient case management and greater overall student tracking.

College Research Process

National Student Clearinghouse Integration

CoPilot can take away the frustrations of exporting and importing National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) Student Tracker data through our integration. We partnered with NSC to request student enrollment data on our partners’ behalf to get you the data early enough to be actionable.

Now you can send your roster file from CoPilot and your results will automatically be matched back to Copilot as new records! That means no more data cleanup to import the files on your own.

K-12 Education Solutions

Already have an education technology solution that you love? No problem! With CoPilot Integrations you can connect current education technology solutions to CoPilot, providing you with a single source of truth for your most relevant student data.

Salesforce Applications

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