Anna Maria Pico

College Access Coach



As a former College Forward Alum, I am super thankful for the whole organization because they helped me graduate from Lone Star College and The University of Houston. I received my Sociology Degree in 2020 with a Minor in Women’s Studies. I have a passion for helping others follow their dreams and get into college. I love going on adventures and eating delicious food from Colombia and other places. When I’m not working I love learning something new, journaling, and working out. My goal is to always be a better version of myself and to always improve in life. This chapter in my life is called, “At Peace.” As a Lead Access Coach at Del Valle High School I hope all my students become successful and graduate because they are definitely some of the best students I’ve ever worked with. My positive spirit and energy is always a joy to have in each after school meeting. My dream is to make a difference in the lives of others always.